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Grazing Table A selection of Artisanal cheeses and charcuterie with house cured olives, country pate, and accoutrements.

Farmstead Cheeses Below is a sample of what we have offered over time. We will help choose an array of the freshest, most delicious cheeses offered at the time of your event. From different animal’s milk, to the varied palates we encounter…we will find the perfect fit for you!

TARENTAISE Organic cow’s milk from Thistle Hill Farm in Vermont, fairly firm, aged at least 6 months

BLOOMSDAY Cheddary acidity with a touch of sweetness, aged 6-7 months, from Cato Corner Farm, Ct.

HOOLIGAN Ripe and stinky, washed-rind with a soft creamy interior and gorgeous orange rind, aged for 2+ months, Cato Corner as well

DRUNK MONK Hooligan rubbed in Willimantic Brewing Co’s brown ale, pungent and ripe with a hint of peanut butter aftertaste

VIVANCE BAMBINO Sweet, chewy and moist, a medium-mild cheese reminiscent of a Swiss, aged 2-3 months

WOMANCHEGO Aged 3-4 months, cow’s milk, similar to a young manchego, medium-mild and a tad sweet with hints of fruits and nuts

DUTCH FARMSTEAD Creamy and mild with a slight nutty undertone and a rich, well balanced flavor, a variation of Gouda

BLACK LEDGE BLUE Natural rind blue with yellow color and blue speckles, moderately creamy and medium strong with a rich, slightly earthy finish

PROSCIUTTO Thinly sliced with a balance of sweet and savory

HOT COPPA Chili pepper and paprika seasoned, shoulder meat

SALAME FINOCCHIONA Noted for use of fennel seeds, dry aged 3-4 months, spicy sausage served in thicker slices

SOPPRESSATA Italian dry-cured pork salami, flavored with wine, fennel seeds and red chili peppers

JAMON IBERICO Smooth and tender, a fattier version of prosciutto from Spain

LARDO Unique nutty flavor, perfect paired with grilled bread or fruit

TOSCANO Robust flavor mildly studded with fats for a superb texture

COUNTRY PATE Hand crafted in-house from duck and pork

* Gluten Free Available | + Vegetarian / Pescatarian